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Roof Ice Melt Systems

If you need a long-term solution to ice dam problems Ableman Gutters & Ice Dam Service has the answer. Our experience and expertise pays off for our customers time and time again.

Rather than using only heat cable or tape, we combine that product with Radiant Heat Panels manufactured by Alpine Ice Solutions. Radiant heat roof panels are designed to prevent icicles and ice dams from forming on roof eaves and valleys. The heat is conducted through the metal panels, therefore allowing contact with a much larger area of snow than a lone line of heat tape. The entire system is designed to maximize the effectiveness of the cable, but to minimize the quantity needed to do the job.

The benefits of the Alpine Ice Solutions include:

  • LONG TERM SOLUTION - worry no more!
  • AFFORDABLE - Costs Less than half of the installed price of competing brands, due to low material cost and simplified installation process.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT - Uses up to 75% less energy than traditional competing systems. Our system requires less Heating Cable than other methods, and 100% of the heat energy is utilized by the Heat Panels.
  • EFFECTIVE - Complete elimination of icicles and ice dams along the entire roof eave prevents standing water, which can leak through the roof. Self-Regulating Heating Cable automatically varies its power output as weather conditions change, increasing power as the temperature drops.
  • RELIABLE - We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty and a limited 10-year manufacturer's warranty for materials. No routine maintenance is required for the life of the system. Commercial grade roofing components assure long useful life. Heating cable is protected from sliding ice and snow.
  • AESTHETICS - Our Heated Roof Panels blend in with the roof color to provide an aesthetically pleasing look. No unsightly cables lying on the roof. Heating Panels are available with a choice of 32 colors, or Natural Copper.
  • CABLE REPLACEMENT - At the end of its service life, the Heating Cable can be easily removed and replaced in the field.
  • INSTALLATION - No roof penetrations or modifications are required.

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